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About US

 about us

Leading Iberian private equity player since 1998

MCH Private Equity is a Madrid-based private equity Firm focused in the mid-market, having raised and invested 4 funds since inception (MCH Iberian Capital Fund I, II III and IV, with aggregate funds under management of 850 million Euros). In addition, MCH manages the divestment of AC Capital Desarrollo II’s remaining portfolio and a growth Fund (Unigrains UAF) specialized in the food and agribusiness sector, in partnership with Unigrains.

MCH Iberian Capital Fund IV is the latest investment vehicle with total capital commitments of 350 million Euros and a targeted investment ticket between 20 and 80 million Euros. MCH investor base is comprised by an international base of recognized institutional investors, funds-of-funds and large family offices.

The Firm comprises a team of well-regarded professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the industry, making it a leader in the Spanish mid-market space. The investment team brings to the table complementary skills obtained throughout their careers in private equity and their diversity of backgrounds.

Since 1998, MCH has participated in over 40 private equity deals (LBOs, Growth capital, etc.) in diverse economic sectors, including industrials operating in attractive niches, food and agribusiness, health-care, business services and tourism, to mention a few. Today, some of the companies supported by MCH have become international market leaders in their niche and are recognized as success stories in the Iberian private equity sector.