Project Description

Avanta Salud

  • Activity: Health services to companies: occupational risks prevention, health care and mental health

  • Sector: Healthcare

  • Investment date: September 2021

  • Status: Current

  • Fund: MCH Private Equity Fund V

Avanta Salud is a multidisciplinary healthcare group focused on providing occupational risk prevention and healthcare services to companies and individuals. The company’s activities range from technical prevention and health surveillance to in-company general medicine and psychiatry and clinical psychology services.

Avanta Salud has an extensive print of 200 medical centres throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The company serves +100,000 institutional clients, providing assistance to +1,000,000 protected workers. It has recognised brands in the sector such as Valora Prevención, Ibersys Seguridad y Salud, Riesgo y Trabajo, Grupo Haxelia and ITAE Psicología, among others