Project Description

Conservas Garavilla

Conservas Garavilla

  • Activity: Canned fish/seafood industry
  • Sector: Food
  • Investment date: July 2010

  • Status: Realized
  • Fund: MCH Private Equity Fund III

Founded in 1887 in Bermeo, Garavilla is a Spanish and LatAm leader in the production and commercialization of different types of canned fish and other related food products.

The Company operates under two commercial brands, Isabel and Garavilla, while the remaining sales come from private labeling (DOB).

During the investment period, the group managed several production plants in Spain, Ecuador and Morocco, with a total of around 2,100 employees. Additionally, the Company operated a fleet of tuna boats in perfect condition that proved to be key to the profitability of the operations. The acquisition of Cuca accelerated the company´s growth in terms of product range and markets.