Project Description


  • Activity: Coffee distribution
  • Sector: Food

  • Investment date: March 2006

  • Status: Realized

  • Fund: MCH Private Equity Fund II

The main activity of Nutricafés is the roasting, grinding and distribution of coffee to more than 8,000 points of sale through an extensive network of commercial and distributors in Portugal (where it is the third operator with a 9% share of the market) and in other countries such as Spain, to which it exports a part of its production.

During the investment period, the company operated mainly in the Horeca channel, being also present in the retail and office channels, through its portfolio of brands, which included Nicola, Inducci, Chave dòuro and Mocay. The company, which had 209 employees and operated from its headquarters in the center of Lisbon, had a broad portfolio of beverages including not only coffee in all its varieties, but also tea, other infusions and hot chocolate.